Before & After

Real clients boudoir before and after pictures

Quite often before some of our clients book their boudoir photo shoot, they ask me “are the ladies on your website models?”. I assure you they are not models, they are just lovely regular ladies like you and I! I am aware that some photographers show only photos of models  and not real clients on their websites. This to me seems a bit unfair as models pose for a living. I wanted to show that our pictures are real clients, by creating this gallery of boudoir before and after pictures. This should give you added reassurance that I will bring out your natural beauty!

Our all-female team work together to bring out this new side of your beauty – starting with our wonderful hair and makeup artists, who get you all glammed-up. Then our expert photographers will coach you through the entire experience. They will find poses that work best for you – and also use lighting techniques to flatter you and make you look your best. All of this combined is what makes up the Studio Stratford Boudoir experience – and we are really proud of it!

Studio Stratford boudoir photography is about confidence and accepting yourself as you are. Loving yourself despite your perceived flaws. The boudoir before and after pictures show the transformation on our clients. They should also remind you, that even on a bad day – you are still amazing.

These ladies below kindly emailed to me snaps of themselves, so you can see how they look every day… compared with how they look when they have the Studio Stratford boudoir makeover. You can also read some of these beautiful ladies reviews on the boudoir client reviews page.